Golden Foot Massage & Spa

Golden Foot Massage & Spa6

We offer body massages, foot massages, and face treatments. Our employees are highly experienced and properly trained to provide an exhilarating experience in a very safe and clean environment. Since 2010, we have built a solid foundation centered on providing the best spa experience in all of Miami. With over a decade of expertise, we […]

Miami Massage Therapy

Miami Massage Therapy6

We keep Miami Massage Therapy as a world-class massage destination. Miami Massage Therapy operates as a collaborative team of highly trained professional massage therapists. Miami Massage Therapy treats the public with humility and respect. We practice massage treatment with honesty, ethics, and passion. Miami Massage Therapists are goodwill ambassadors for our residents, visitors, and the […]



We are a Holistic Spa and Wellness Center dedicated to restoring your optimal health and attractiveness. Our licensed, experienced team will combine multiple techniques to uncover your individual level of balance and well-being. We are conveniently located on Coral Way, only a few minutes from Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Beach, and Downtown Miami, Florida.

Bamboo Wellness Spa

Bamboo Wellness Spa6

First ASMR Head Spa in Miami! We are an Asian-owned and operated business in the heart of downtown Miami. Our mission is to provide the best services (hair, nails, massages, facials, and body treatments) at the most affordable prices. Our practitioners are among the best in their respective fields, and we strive to provide excellent […]

Lux MedSpa

Tao Spa Miami7

We realize that the human body was built and engineered to repair itself. Our therapists focus on this principle by assisting your body in achieving maximum recuperation, relaxation, and overall wellness. Our therapists use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you relax, refresh, and rejuvenate your mind and body. All of our therapists are […]

Royal Thai Spa

Royal Thai Spa3

Enjoy a variety of massage and cryotherapy treatments in a clean, peaceful setting. Royal Thai Spa provides a much-needed metropolitan break with its calm location and skilled service. Relax in a full-spectrum Infrared Sauna, energize your entire body with Red-light therapy, detox with lymphatic drainage compression, or drop an inch with localized cryotherapy. Treatments are […]

Wela Thai Massage and Spa

Wela Thai Massage and Spa7

If you’re looking for a Thai massage in San Francisco, Wela Thai Massage & Spa is your haven. Wela Thai Massage and Spa combines old Thai massage traditions with current restorative approaches, allowing us to relax your mind while healing your body. Our practitioners are skilled at both massage and providing a luxurious spa experience […]



Earthbody, which is half sanctuary and part pharmacy, is a sensory retreat. Our urban temple, San Francisco’s only organic day spa owned and operated by therapists, is a sacred space for rekindling the soul with organic goods and intuitive treatment. Discover a world of healing through massage and bodywork, holistic skincare, couples massage, and rituals. […]



We have created a sanctuary for you, a place to release, restore, and rejuvenate your entire being. And we’ve put in place everything you’ll need to help you on your own path to wellbeing. SenSpa offers a luxurious facial as well as a bright health program to help you look and feel your best. SenSpa […]

Thy Spa

Thai Massage, which traditionally does not use oils or lotions, is based on acupressure and stretching techniques in which the therapist’s fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms, and feet are used on the body’s muscles, pressure points, and energy lines (“Sen”) to clear energy blockages and balance energy. It soothes muscle tension, lowers stress, and boosts blood […]