At Alfani’s, we aim for excellence in all we do.Alfani’s is different from other chain stores since we are a traditional gentleman’s barbershop providing all the services you would expect for men’s grooming that they don’t provide elsewhere.

Established in 2010, Alfani’s Barbershop is privately owned and run by entrepreneur Arthur “Abo” Simonov. Alfani’s Barbershop, voted one of Denver’s Best, is ideally situated in the Capitol Hill district of Denver, close to the junction of Colfax and Marion.

Our skilled, certified, and professionally educated barbers specialize in men’s haircuts, beard maintenance, and face shaves. Our intention is to introduce Alfani’s gritty vibe to the neighborhood by emphasizing exceptional haircuts, so don’t anticipate a $60 spa treatment. We perform anything from side parts to tapers, pompadours, flattops, high-and-tights, crew cuts, and clipper cuts. Though we specialize in men’s cuts, anybody searching for their “go-to” barber is invited to visit our kid-friendly store.