Located near the corner of Main and West Alabama Streets in the heart of Mid Main, this hideaway in plain sight has become a local favorite for its

The lineup is jam-packed with slushy and smooth creations like the bourbon- and ginger-based Suffering Bastards and orange-blushed Captain’s Orders alongside Lone Star tallboys and coffees infused with housemade syrups fragrant enough to sate your sweet tooth.

But the deliciousness doesn’t end there. Between rounds at the bar, patrons may munch on freshly baked Fluffernutter, a treat composed with creamy peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.

Good draft beer, whiskey, or Irish coffee will be provided to you. Enjoying excellent espresso, iced lattes or tea, delectable local coffee, affordable cocktails, and selection of more than 40 beers.

Visitors may unwind here after a long day of work thanks to the cozy ambiance.The competent staff and friendly welcomes visitors all year round.