Dr. Jekyll’s has developed into a well-known whiskey bar in Oslo. Because the whiskey collection is among the greatest in the city. The pub also has a distinct personality that you won’t find in other bars in Oslo.

Dr. Jekyll’s pub is unmistakably influenced by the 1886 horror film. The bar exudes British informal elegance with a Gothic flair. Dr. Jekyll’s paintings decorate the walls and ceiling. Just right terrifying, just right one-of-a-kind. The logo is gothic in style, and the concept has a clear common thread that begins outside the bar.

The bar has a capacity of 250 people and is spread across two floors. Dr. Jekyll’s signature is unmistakably whiskey, as evidenced by many hundred bottles and priceless droplets. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde has its own hand-picked whiskey series, which is created at nine separate distilleries.