In Wichita, Kansas’s Old Town, Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar has been serving up more than 160 outstanding martinis since it first opened its doors in 1996. There is also a complete bar with the finest selection of alcoholic beverages, sure to delight your palate. We also provide a wide variety of beers, so you may be sure to find something to quench your thirst. If cigars are your thing, we also have a fine assortment that will satisfy even the most discerning smoker.

Mort’s is renowned for its local live music. featuring different live music every night, every week of the year. Don’t forget about our heated and air-conditioned terrace so you may relax outside.

After being around for over 25 years, Mort’s has become a popular part of the Wichita past, present, and future. We provide exceptional service, and make you feel like a “regular” your first time in. So come and in and enjoy all that Mort’s has to offer!