A multi-story home filled with mayhem (and food and bubbling drinks).

Opened in late 2018 in an elegant Church Street mansion, it includes a sanity-shattering array of theme rooms, secret doors, catacombs, cyberpunk bars, and oh yeah, tentacles. The third and flagship installation in the Storm Crow Alliance is serving Toronto glowing, bubbling cocktails and randomly-generated shots and burgers!

Serving the ultimate comfort foods. Housemade pizza pies, Apocalyptic Fried Chicken, Dungeon Burgers, Dragon Bowl-z, and steak sandwiches are also available. Savor tasty asida, bread pudding & biscuits, Nerd Merch, and other goodies! Try some wonderful lager, artisan beer, or rum. It’s fun to taste delicious lattes, hot chocolates, and milkshakes.