The Tabasco Bar is one of the oldest gay bars in Berlin. The motto “men meet boys – boys meet men” hits the nail on the head with us, with dark and seedy atmosphere.

Over time, the Tabasco Bar has developed into a well-liked and energetic gathering spot. A shady place with low ceilings and red lighting, like a run-down Bavarian pub, With an accent on murky browns and reds, the d├ęcor is reminiscent to that of a masculine boudoir. For some of the older, heavier spectators, banquettes offer plenty of room.

Older men drawn to youthful hustler types are attracted to tabasco, the latter of whom stand around conversing and playing pool and pinball (under a cloth tent roof).

The friendly staff and customers will get even friendlier if you pay them. Located opposite from Blond bar.