The Green Massage is another homosexual massage business we enjoy on Silom Soi 6. (its actual location is on Surawong Road, around the corner from Silom Soi 6). This is right around the corner from the Prime, so you could easily taste both before deciding on your particular favorite gay massage – let us know which of the two you prefer if you do!

The Green Massage, like Paradise, is a modest and inconspicuous establishment with a bunch of lovely masseurs waiting outside smiling at you and luring you inside – they’ll make you feel like you’re entering a castle!

There are individual rooms for full-body massages, or you may relax on one of the comfortable couches and get a foot/leg massage. They provide energizing body washes in addition to fragrance or oil massages to keep your skin looking young. If you want to be completely pampered, you can mix treatments.