Zafiro Friendly Lounge

Zafiro Friendly Lounge, is Bar Friendly Gay and we have a bar at the entrance, then you will enter glory hole cabins, Cruising, dark room, tunnel and a smoking area with a bar available for the customer’s convenience. Bar with promotions and open bar Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Casa Brandon


Casa Brandon, Located in Villa Crespo, this meeting spot is so much more than a bar. The house is arranged around a living room with chairs where your can sit to watch a film or listen to live music. The concept at Casa Brandon is to promote art in the context of sexual diversity. and […]

Km Zero

km ZERO 3

Km Zero is without a doubt one of the most exciting and vibrant evenings out in Buenos Aires. The club is in Recoleta, near the Santa Fe Subte (subway) station. The club starts at midnight, but you should arrive about 1 a.m. to join a lively celebration with drag queens and strippers. Km Zero has […]

Work Bar

Work Bar 2

Work Bar, with the tagline “Beer, food, and rhythm,” is a small bar tucked between two stores. Inside, the decor is industrial, the audience is mostly attractive men, and the music is electronic. Laing tastes deliciously cooked. Several visitors comment on how kind the staff is. Prices are reasonable, according to tourists. This pub welcomes […]



Zoom is a popular cruise club and lounge bar in Recoleta. There’s two different parts of this venue: a dark labyrinth of corridors, private rooms and public cubicles with DVDs and toys at your disposal, and the lounge bar where you can mingle with locals. Zoom offer something a little different it’s a gay bar […]

Glam Disco

Glam Disco 5

Glam Disco, Buenos Aires’ extravagant gay nightclub, has established itself as an immersive and inclusive experience for locals and internationals alike. This nighttime spectacle is concealed behind the French-style homes that define the Recoleta district, north of Buenos Aires. Recoleta, known as the “Paris of South America,” is home to the most expensive real estate […]

Fiesta Jolie

Fiesta Jolie 2

Every Wednesday night, Fiesta Jolie attracts a diverse young gay and LGBT friendly audience with the theme “Wednesday is the new Saturday!” Theme parties may take on entirely new dimensions. Food and drink are inexpensive and plentiful! Entertaining activities, music, and more are sure to brighten your spirits in the middle of the week. The […]


Feliza 5

Feliza, created by a diverse and queer team and right on the border of Palermo and Almagro, is a friendly community. Feliza is a unicorn meeting point, with theater-two patios-games-workshops where you can leave fly to your inner child Friends, music, great drinks, smiles, good vibes, culture, bands, movies, expos, workshops, workshops and infinite love […]


Sitges 8

This prominent gay bar in Buenos Aires’ gay Palermo quarter serves a broad variety of cocktails at cheap costs. Sitges combines a pub, a nightclub, and a theater. It’s a tiny place with modern design, and the audience consists of of groups of homosexual guys under 35 looking for a good time. There are many […]


Peuteo 8

Peuteo is in Buenos Aires’ gay-friendly Palermo Soho area. Peuteo succeeds in eschewing gay bar stereotypes while remaining a welcoming environment for a diverse range of men. Expect nice music, entertaining visuals, and gorgeous dancers. Peuteo is a “hetro friendly” gay bar. The majority of the younger audience here utilizes this location as a warm-up […]